Prison Island Tour

Prison Island Tour

About this tour

There are many islands surrounding Zanzibar of which prison Island is the most popular to visit. It is reached by boat and is famous for the giant tortoises and peacocks, which can be seen among the ruins in the courtyard. The giant tortoise, the most popular attraction on the island can reach a century old and some over a meter tall. The island is fringed with a beautiful coral reef, ideal for snorkeling, and has a lovely white beach for sunbathing.

Tour Highlights

• Experience the motorized boat transfer to Prison Island. • Greet the founders of Prison Island Conservation Area. • Discover the Giant Tortoise lived for hundred years. • Enjoy the interactive photo shooting with peacocks, gazelle, etc. • See the natural pool where the Indian Ocean Water set aside. • Snorkel and see some beautiful corals and oysters and starfishes. • Relax down the beach and enjoy your spectacular sunbathing.

Prison Island was once the site of a gaol for misbehaving slaves. A wealthy slave owner who used to send slaves to the island for discipline was the first owner. After the abolition of slavery the island was inhabited by a British General and later used as a quarantine station. The quarantine housing is still there as well as a natural lagoon and a small beach and restaurant. Book now and get 50 % Bonus for your next Trip. Please contact our Tour Experts Team now.

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