Sandbank Picnic

Sandbank Picnic

About this tour

Don’t leave Zanzibar without making this best-selling tour of Sandbank Picnic which is Daily scheduled trip. This wonderful excursion is suitable for every visitor, from those who wish to completely relax to those who want adventure and excitement.

Tour Highlights

• Hop on Traditional Dhow and head over Bawe Island. • Snorkel and discover wonderful starfishes and beautiful corals. • Hop on-board and head over the beautiful sandbank. • Interactive photo shooting and brilliant bird watching. • Enjoy your traditional Swahili lunch extravaganza with your local chef.

Board the dhow and then set sail towards Bawe Island; enjoy snorkeling with a guide to see the stunning array of colored corals and tropical fish of the islands. Then hop back on-board and let us sail you away to a sand bank where brilliant birdlife exists. A seemingly uninhabited and quiet bank in the ocean suddenly comes to life with millions of birds flying overhead and ghost crabs scurrying across the golden sands. After lunch relax on the sandbank listening to the bird life around you and the hush of waves lapping against the shore. For the more active discover more underwater life around the sandbank and listen to stories from our crew about sailing the seven seas. We will slowly sail back to Stone Town after soaking up the sun and return back to the shore by evening. Need more info about Sandbank Picnic? Please call us or meet our Tour Expert Team and Save up to 20 % Bonus for your next trip to Zanzibar.

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