Zanzibar Butterfly Project

Zanzibar Butterfly Project

About this tour

As you have probably gathered from looking around our website we believe responsible tourism is the best way to improve standards for local people and wildlife. All of the properties we support play an active role in developing the local community and by staying there you bring much needed money into the area. Many of them will give you the option to go and see the various projects such as schools should you wish.

Tour Highlights

• Watch the butterflies from the local projects. • Get info about Butterfly Foundation Project. • Enjoy interactive photo shooting. • Meet the women cooperative group.

Surround yourself by more than 1,500 multicolored butterflies at Zanzibar Butterfly Center in Zanzibar rural Village. The biggest butterfly project in Zanzibar, this delightful attraction is home to landscaped gardens that mimic the butterflies’ natural rainforest habitats. Explore at your leisure while they fly all around you, or take advantage of complimentary tours during the day, including a behind-the-scenes lab tour. When booking, you have the option to upgrade to the visit of Jozani Forest. Zanzibar is also home to a few initiatives not belonging to any hotel with one of the best being the Zanzibar Butterfly Project. We would highly recommend you take a look. Need more info about Zanzibar butterfly tour? Follow us on Facebook or Skype to save time and money for your inquiries. Book now and get 50 % Bonus for your next Trip. Please contact our Tour Expert Team now.

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