Zanzibar Horseback Riding Adventure

Zanzibar Horseback Riding Adventure

About this tour

Look for something different to do with your time in Zanzibar. Zanzibar is the ultimate and perfect relaxation destination, with its postcard perfect beaches that invites you to lie on them for days. The sleepy Island approach to life and “pole pole” (slowly slowly) attitude is perfect for those wanting to get away for a bit of R n R. But being a small island, there isn’t always very much to do, especially for those in search of a more adventurous time during their travels.

Tour Highlights

• Head to Mangapwani Beach with luxurious transport. • Meet and experience horseback riding down the beach. • Discover the beauty of sunset around Mangapwani. • Explore the dense coconut plantations through horseback riding. • Lie down the beach or swim with pristine Indian Ocean. • Optional Healing Touch of Spas.

What You Can Expect

Visit Mangapwani beach where a horse riding facilities that now offer visitors an attractive to Zanzibar regular itineraries. If you’re tired of lying on the beach, why not ride down it, at sunset? Or go exploring through coconut plantations on Horseback? Our Travel Expert has set the riding facilities and caters for both experienced riders and the novice who has never ridden before. Go for a special ride through the coconut plantations, then onto the beach to watch the romantic sunset before heading back to the stable yard. For more experienced riders, then the beach at low tide is an area where you can canter. For guests that are inexperienced or nervous it can be arranged for the horses to be led by their grooms. Our Tour Expert also caters special riding school that is run on a daily basis and caters for those that want to ride, or learn to ride, on a more regular basis. The lessons are on Hour and cater for the novice to the advanced. Need more info about Zanzibar Horseback Riding Adventure? Please call us now or meet Excursion Expert Team to book your tour and save up to 10% Bonus for your next trip to Zanzibar.

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