Zanzibar Magic Tour

Discover the Magic of Jambiani Village

There is little known about the unique and rugged Jambiani village which lies close by the beach. The village offers more curious tourist an insight into the ancient world of witchcraft performed in jambiani’s elaborately decorated caves, as well as off the beaten track walks and an insight into many medicinal plants and trees that grow wildly in the forest.

Tour Highlights

• Meet local doctor and get his healing info. • Go and cycle to the magical caves of the ancestors. • Pray to the ancestor’ God of any wishes. • Discover the hidden plant medicines. • Interactive photo shooting. • Knowledgeable and friendly tour Guide. • Enjoy mouthwatering drinks & some tropical fruits.

What can you expect?

Jambiani boasts 3 cave formations, each allegedly inhabited by its own “shetani” (spirits) Jambiani is not only a robust but a spiritual centre, offering local people the chance to come and be healed and treated and aided by these ancient souls, instead of seeking western medical care. The local witchdoctor acts as a translator to facilitate the treatment the patient receives .The witchdoctor will also communicate in a meditative type state, using a dialect only known to those with the power to communicate to those spirits. The witchdoctor will use the power of local drum with chanting to aid the patient or expel illness. Book now and get 50 % Bonus for your next Trip. Need more info about magic tour? Please contact our Tour Experts Team now.

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