Zanzibar Pure Passion and Wildlife Tour

Zanzibar Pure Passion and Wildlife Tour

About this tour

Come and enjoy the beauty of Muyuni Village. The tour includes a short walk around the top of Muyuni Village, and then discovers the magical cave of Ngoga in the same Muyuni Village where you’ll see the old spirits. Head to Jozani Forest where the rare red colobus monkeys are playing while eating some leaves and fruits of that Old Forest.

Tour Highlights

• Tour Muyuni Village and local wildlife from Jozani Forest. • Explore Ngonga Cave and view its old spirits. • Learn about the myth of Muyuni Village from your professional guide. • Watch for summer wildlife including red colobus monkey, Long Mahogany Forest, gazelle, mangroves and turtles. • During the summer, take a cruise on Kizimkazi Dolphin Atoll • Pickup and drop-off available from Zanzibar hotels

What You Can Expect

Feel the joy of beautiful Swahili peoples who follow their Culture, norms and traditions. Watch closely their daily activities including farming, fishing, livestock keeping, charcoal and limestone making, hunting and collecting firewood from the forest. Feel free with your natural mouthwatering drinks while sharing and mingling with charmed Swahili peoples to observe their life style, get the opportunity of walking around, identifying the Community’s daily activities, plant roots and tubes, fruits, herbs, leaves and wild seeds that are used by local community for food and medicine. Head Further to explore the Ngonga Cave which is a natural heritage for Muyuni Village, sculptured by nature into a fascinating underground shelter of halls, chambers, niches, and tunnels, it is a hiding place of an endangered species called “Pelele”, and dwelling of vampire bats. Our knowledgeable local guide will take you to the cave and show you all activities that are held in the cave. Also will show you the Human remains that were found in the cave, no one knows exactly how many years they have laid down there, the only assumption is that, the early people used to live in that cave, the locals also believed that their spirits guarding the community. The Cave was accidental found about hundred years ago by local man called Mr. Mnyeji while hunting endangered “Pelele”. Traditionally, the Ngonga Cave is used as healing area, where the witchdoctors perform rituals and offering that are believed toward cleaning all evils happening in their life, and treating locals who are possessed by devil, there are stories of strange phenomena happening at the Cave, sighting of human shadow walking around the Cave.

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