Swahili Evening Walking Tour

Swahili Evening Walking Tour

About this tour

Discover Zanzibar from a local’s perspective on a Zanzibar Swahili city walking tour. Trace the rich history of Zanzibar's cultural capital as you hear stories about traditional landowners and the Arabs and European settlement and learn about the immigration and migrant policies that have shaped Zanzibar's cultural diversity. Explore Zanzibar’s famed laneways; familiarize yourself with some of Zanzibar’s iconic architecture, including House of Wonder, Forodhani Garden and Portuguese Old Fort; and gain insight into Swahili Baraza playing cards and Bao playing sporting culture, as well its thriving traditional music and art scene.

Tour Highlights

• Cultural city walking tour in Zanzibar. • Visit the famous Swahili Barazas and Bao playing Stations. • Learn about the city’s diverse history and culture. • Discover the sporting fever that grips Zanzibar year round. • See parks, the Old Fort and civic spaces.

What You Can Expect

The House of Wonder, locally known as Beit el Jaib, is one of the most ambitious architectural designs in Stone Town and covers an entire city block in Zanzibar, blending both the cultural heritage of Persian and Arabs with civic purpose. Here is where your city walking tour will commence, with a brief introduction to the history of Zanzibar. Follow Zanzibar’s timeline from the original indigenous landowners to the immigration and migrant policies of the 1960s that shaped and formed the fabric of Zanzibar’s rich culture. Wander through Stone Town’s famed laneways and embrace the urban soul of the city. From fashion to food, the laneways are home to emerging and well-known local craftsmen and artisans. Soak up the atmosphere created by the café scene, smell the aroma of coffee and spices, and see a variety of urban visual art projects dotted around the lanes. Boasting an international event calendar that most cities would envy, Zanzibar is home to a sporting fever that grips the city. See where battles have been won and lost on the field at Zanzibar sporting areas of Bao Game and Local playing cards. Hear the stories of the famous Zanzibar Bao History, during which an entire nation stops to watch Dhow races. The walking tour is approximately 2.5-miles (4-kilometers) long and is at a leisurely pace and shade. You’ll discover hidden gems and explore the city like a local Insider.

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