Zanzibar Doors Tour

Zanzibar Doors Tour

About this tour

Discover Zanzibar from a local’s perspective on a Zanzibar Doors Tour in the Heart of Stone Town. Zanzibar Doors of Stone Town lies in mystical islands of Zanzibar add much to the character of the town and with buildings make up the architecture that earned it a World Heritage Listings. The coralline walled houses of the ancient city are simple and imposing but their most distinctive feature is their doors. The door was the visual statement of the occupant’s status in society. The home was a protected place, its privacy of vital importance in a Muslim society.

Tour Highlights

• Zanzibar Doors Walking Tour. • Visit the House of Wonder to Discover the History of Zanzibar Doors. • Visit the Historical Anglican Church. • See the Zanzibar Doors Workshops.

What You Can Expect

No two doors are the same. Look carefully and take in the various elements. The outermost frame usually shows a slim chain. The claim was meant to capture evil spirits that tried to enter the home. There is an inner, a lintel, frieze, center post and shutters. The range of styles, of carving, makes each one delight. There is much symbolism in the images. See if you can find the sea waves, fish or pineapple emblems that are at the bottom of the frame. The rows of dates in the centre post hark back to wishes for plenty. There are Indian influences, the winding lotus; the tree of life motif. Some doors have central Koranic inscriptions in the lintel, one which says, “Enter peacefully, believers”. Book now and save up to 50 % Bonus for your next Trip. Please contact our Nomads Zanzibar Team now.

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